Seminar Photos

On Oct 4th Roanoke Budo Kai was honored to host a seminar with Sorrentino Sensei.  It is safe to say that a great time was had by all.


As with all seminars, there is a lot of information to process, but those who have trained with Sorrentino Sensei will confirm that there are always many great take-aways, and memorable moments.

One of our own Sensei Tonya Whitt offered the following as notable (and fun) take-aways during discussion following the event:

  • Always act as if Plan A will work!  I think this applies to uke who needs to attack with intention and to nage even on the techniques when he allowed uke to resist!
  • There are three roles on the mats: nage, uke, and Sensei.  If each do their part then aikido happens.  If nage tries to do uke’s role or if either try to teach then there’s no aikido!
  • The classic line of “does this technique make my butt look fat”!
  • Find just a couple things to work on, train that for a few months and then find new things!  We did a lot of linear elevator motions and he did focus on taking a seat!
  • Slow training is great if the only thing that changes is the speed (the intention of both nage and uke must remain which means the correct body position/ tension).  As a corollary, I liked his focus on the need for static training as well as meeting uke (as that is the polite thing to do)!




If  you have not yet attended a seminar, do not let the next opportunity pass you by!

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